Here’s the best vids I caught on my internet travels this week…

Fresh Lab Visal – #15SECONDSHRED Vol. 9


It may only be 15 seconds long, but Fresh Lab Visual manages to cram in a fair amount of gnar with these vids! Vol. 9 shot at my ‘home’ track Pitfichie, in Aberdeenshire.

Moments of Contrast Ep. 1 – Schnick Schnack Schnuck

Moments of contrast Ep. 1 – Schnick Schnack Schnuck a Mountain Biking video by Lahnvalley Crew

No idea what the title is about but this one is shot at the bike park in Leogang. It’s been a while since I’ve been there but it’s my kinda track; a fast flowy trail with plenty of jumps that descends into a rooty tech-fest before opening up into some superfast open trails again. All this with a bikepark at the finish.

Drift Ghost-S: Onboard Red Bull Crashed Ice MTB Race

Drift Ghost-S: Onboard Red Bull Crashed Ice MTB Race a Mountain Biking video by DriftInnovationUK

This track kinda looks like an IRL Mad Skills MX track. On Ice. If sports centres had stuff like this instead of ice rinks then I’d go to sports centres.

2013 Monster Energy Supersport Race 2 with Michael Dunlop

Go and get a spare change of undies before you watch this one cos you’re gonna need them.  Absolutely insane, and there’s no run off here if you get it wrong. This is also the Supersport race, which is the 600s, not the 1000cc bikes. So this is ‘slow’.

Dirt Shark- #Compound22 (Wilson, Reed, Grant)

I’m guessing they didn’t have any Monster Energy girls kicking about for this one so they made do with cows/bulls or something instead…


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