There was meant to be one of these roundups last week but despite scheduling a post, WordPress decided to not bother posting it for me, and to bother saving the latest version either, which is okay cos I didn’t find any awesome vids ANYWAY…!! Well, nevermind, here’s some more cool vids from this week:

 360˚ GoPro Experiment

The description for this vid is in German and I don’t speak German, but it’s apparently created using six GoPro cameras (and probably some software somewhere). Looks pretty cool. Someone should get this setup on a downhill or MX bike.

Ride IO Shimano BDS 2014 Round 1: Antur Stiniog

I wasn’t at this race but it looks like it was a decent track, pretty similar to Ft William in some respects and the weather doesn’t look too different either.

Shifted – A New Mountainbike Film

Ok it’s not new anymore, but still a decent watch to get you looking forward to the lighter/warmer/better summer months.


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