There’s been some cracking vids out there in this last week or so! This is Peaty is back for a third season, Semenuk and co are out in search of new trails for an upcoming film Rad Company, plus there’s some nasty Top 10 Crashes vids from Mpora.

This is Peaty – Season 3, Episode 1

Steve Peat turns 40 years old this year and is showing no signs of slowing down with a 7th place at WC#2 in Cairns the other weekend, and that’s in a field stacked with kids half his age!

WideOpen Mag – Ask Peaty

The boys at WideOpen Mag have a sit down with the man himself at the BDS for a quick chat in between runs – hear his thoughts on Santa Cruz 650b bikes, the future of downhill, and cups of tea.

Life Behind Bars – Season 3, Episode 2

Also back for a third series is Life Behind Bars with Brandon Semenuk and Cam McCaul going absolutely huge in their search for terrain to ride for an upcoming film. Check out Episode 1, featuring Brendan Fairclough here!

The Top 10 Moto X Crashes Ever

Don’t worry, most of these aren’t as bad as you might think (certainly not as bad as some I’ve seen online), and some are downright funny!

Top 10 Mountain Bike Slams

Some epic crashes in here, including Cam Zink’s huge bailout at Red Bull Rampage a couple of years back. Gee Atherton makes the list twice. Something to be proud of?

Bryan Regnier – No Bullshit, No Jokes, Just Riding

Just a short edit this one but Regnier has some serious style – hopefully that lot will get you stoked for riding this weekend!


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