Haven’t posted one of these in a little while as I’ve been busy trying to work out the design for a helmet. It’s gonna be sick, if I can pull it off that is… If not I’ll never mention it again. Anwyays, here’s some cool vids that I’ve rounded up to save you the bother. Watch now, thank me later.


Happy Birthday America – Ronnie Mac

American hero Ronnie Mac celebrates Independence day in his own style in this vid from Blake Shipman. Fuck Yeah ‘Murica!


Levi Sherwood – Big Airs

It says a lot when some of your lines have more air time than dirt on the ground. I love how this vid is shot in the low sun, giving everything that summer evening glow. And mullets are coming back, I’m telling you.


Life Behind Bars

Some amazing looking trails at the end of this video have me looking forward to heading to Morzine! Does Aaron Chase remind anyone else of Jesse Pinkman?


Aerobatic flying with the Red Bull Matadors

If you were at the Fort William World Cup you couldn’t have missed the Red Bull Matadors’ awesome flying display. Check out this vid from their perspective. Looks like a pretty great job to have!


2014 Whip-Off World Champs

I dunno what it is about this vid but to me it feels like it was filmed in the late ’90s. Maybe it’s the plain black titles on screen, or the fuzzy quality of the video. Either way, some quality whips being thrown. For some great pics from the event check out Vital’s Slideshow.


This is Peaty Season 3 Episode 3

I love Ratboy more with every one of these vids; he seems like such a good dude. Watch him take his first World Cup win in Leogang in Episode 3 of This is Peaty.


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