A big personality on the World Cup DH circuit, Wyn Masters is known for his antics on and off the bike in his WynTV video series, which has even landed him some ‘presenting’ roles with DirtTV… After doing a custom painted helmet for Wyn, E9G had a quick chat with the man himself as he prepares for this year’s Downhill Mountainbike World Cup season on his new team.

Wyn at Diggler with his new E9G custom painted helmet

Wyn at Diggler with his new E9G custom painted helmet

How’s things with you? All injury free and ready for the 2013 WC series?

Things have been going well I have just been training and working a bit here in NZ, and yes I’m all injury free now and looking forward to the WC season, should be a good year!

You’re on German company Bulls for this/the next few seasons – they’re pretty unknown, can you tell us more on them?

Yeah I was stoked to get the deal with Bulls and MountainBike Rider magazine to be based in Germany, Bulls are new to the DH scene but the DH bike prototype we have coming looks awesome so it’s cool to be working directly with a company and to have such good support for 2013!

I understand their DH frame is still in development – how do you feel about riding an untested and unproven bike at World Cups? Will you get much time to get used to the bike before racing?

Yeah it’s a new bike but I had some input to get pretty much the bike on paper that I would want so really it should be pretty awesome. I am coming to Europe a bit earlier to start testing on the new bike and make some changes if we need, so the bike should be dialed in by the time we hit Fort Bill.

wyn tv

How did you get into riding? How long have you been riding?

Just started out dirt jumping in my backyard with my brother, the jumps grew bigger and I started doing some small races it pretty much went from there, I have been riding for 15 years this year so a fair while now and I am still loving it just the same as day 1.

What’s your favourite WC course to race?

Either Champery or Schladming, both courses that I think should still be on the circuit. Hope they bring them back!

How does Ft Bill compare with those?

Fort Bill isn’t really similar to any of the other courses on the circuit but it is one race I look forward to every year, it definitely has the best atmosphere and crowd so that makes it for me!

Fave DH track ever?

Tough question, maybe Schladming, that place is sick.

wyn masters custom helmet

Wyn’s THE T2 with fresh E9G paint

What sort of music d’ya like? Do you listen when you’re on the bike?

Bit of everything really, kinda depends on the mood. I only run music on my road bike to get me through a long ride.

You’ve had a few injuries in the last few years – what would you say was the worst, and how is this going to affect you in the following season?

Yeah had a rough run really, but thats just this sport and it can happen to anyone. It would be the compound fracture of the radius and ulna in my arm. It wont affect me anymore cause it’s all healed up. I run an All Sports Dynamics brace on my wrist which I injured last year and that makes a big difference for me.

Wyn Masters racing

Negotiating his way round a slippy turn at Diggler

Where do you see the sport going in the next 5 years?

I am not sure really, depends what sponsors get involved. At the moment I don’t think the UCI are helping the sport in any great way, but cycling itself is growing massively worldwide so Downhill could potentially grow a fair bit in the next few years, it’s definitely much more professional now than even 5 years ago.

What’s your thoughts on the UCI governing downhill? Is this a good thing? It was on Dirt recently that DH definitely isn’t their main focus – do you think DH would be better breaking away form the UCI?

I think it would probably be better for DH to break away from the UCI but we would need the right people pushing it in order for that to work also!

Finally, a massive bar brawl breaks out after a World Cup. Its you and 3 other racers vs an angry mob… Which 3 other racers would you select to be your brawl team? They can be current or retired racers but they must have had a top 20.

Sounds like a hell of a time!  I’m not much of a fighter so I’d probably have the Bulldog Brook Macdonald and The Karver Chris Kovarik and maybe Rennie, just to have a few big boys in there, the angry mob could be in trouble then!

Thanks Wyn!

WynTV Windham World Cup from Wyn Masters on Vimeo.


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