So what do you get when you invest in an E9G helmet design?


There’s no one quite like you, which is why the design we’ll create will be as unique as you are. Metallic paint? Gold leaf? Go faster stripes? Go even faster stripes? Tell us your idea and we’ll turn it into reality. Perhaps you’d like a one-off design that will ensure you relish strapping on your lid every weekend. Or perhaps your team would like a set of custom helmets; either way, we’ve got the skills and the ideas to make it happen.


We believe that your paint job should last as long as your helmet. That’s why we employ the utmost care when it comes to applying your design. After carefully disassembling all the parts, we’ll carefully sand your helmet to ensure it’s in optimum condition for painting. Then, using the highest quality paints and materials, we’ll mask and start to airbrush your design, building it up layer by layer until it’s done. Finally, we’ll clear-coat, polish and reassemble your helmet so that it’s in the same condition as you supplied it, only now it’ll look 1,000 times better.

Stuff You Should Know

So that’s all the cool stuff out of the way. What else should you know? Ah, the small print, only in this case we’ve decided to print it nice and big, cos we’re nice like that.

Choosing a design: If you’ve got a design in mind, email it to us via the Contact page and we’ll get in touch to discuss it in more detail. Alternatively, if you just want something that will look cool and enhance your appeal with the opposite sex, we’ll be happy to suggest some ideas.

For the ultimate lid: …one that kicks more ass than ought to be possible for a humble helmet we’d recommend our custom design service. When E9G handles the design process from start to finish, beautiful things happen. Why not visit our Gallery and see for yourself?

Postage: Once the design has been agreed, package up your helmet and send it to us. Don’t bother about doing any prep work as we’ll take care of this, but please make sure your helmet is clean and damage-free.

Timeframe: The whole process usually takes four or five weeks (cos you can’t rush perfection). However, if you have a specific deadline, we’ll do our best to accommodate this. Rush fees may apply.

Payment: Prior to commencing work on your helmet, we’ll require a deposit of 50%. When we’re done, we’ll email you pics of your new lid to confirm the job’s complete. Before despatch, the outstanding balance must be paid.



What is the turnaround time on hemet paint jobs?
On average, about three weeks but busier periods mean a longer lead time, and more complex paint work will take longer to complete. We will advise you of this when making your booking.
Will painting a helmet damage its integrity?
On some helmets, yes. Old or cheap polycarbonate (a type of plastic) helmets can be damaged by aggressive paint fumes. Modern helmets are constructed from fibreglass composite or carbon fibre, which are both safe to paint. We also use specialist custom paints designed for use on helmets.
What if my helmet already has a design?
It’s best to start with a plain white or carbon helmet, but stock designs can be painted over. Due to the additional time required we will need to charge an additional fee for helmets with a stock design.
Can I collect my helmet from you?
Yes, but please contact us if you plan to drop by.
Does E9G just paint helmets?
Far from it – aside from producing a range of sports and casual wear, we are also graphic designers, putting our skills to identity and livery designs as well as painting bike frames and parts. Get in touch for a quote to find out more.
Can you copy a design for me?
In most cases, no. Each design is owned by its creator and we’d need permission to reproduce it. Besides, we’d rather come up with a special one-off design for each customer, something personal to each rider/driver.

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